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Lash Mannequin Head with Reusable Eyelids

Lash Mannequin Head with Reusable Eyelids

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Product Description
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Package Including:

  • 1 Pairs of Replacement Eyelids
  • 4x Blooming Glue Cup
  • 1x Glass Lash Tile
  • 1 mannequin head

Weight: 208g

Colour: Skin colour

Material: PVC soft rubber

Function: Excellent for honing your eyelash grafting skills.

Applications: Ideal for eyelash extension training, refining eye makeup techniques, and exploring facial painting.

Size: 12.8cm x 10.5cm x 2.5cm

Guide To Use LBLS Lash Mannequin Head

Step 1:

  • Prepare Your Tools: Wear your glue ring.
  • Set up your lash tray on the lash tile.
  • Have your tweezers ready.

Step 2: Get Ready: Place the mannequin head on a stable surface, like a table.

Step 3: Installation: Attach the eyelids securely.

Step 4: Clean: Keep the mannequin head clean for a smooth practice.

Step 5: Start Grafting: Begin your lash extension practice with confidence.


Are you a budding lash artist looking to perfect your lash extension skills? Well, you've come to the right home. Our lash mannequin head is designed to help you train and refine your techniques. It is the buddy supporting you to ensure your clients leave with stunning, flawless lashes.

Let's take a look at how special LBLS eyelash mannequin heads are.

What Does LBLS Lash Mannequin Head Offer?

Realistic Training Experience

Imagine practising your craft on a surface that feels just like the real thing. The LBLS Lash Mannequin Head boasts a skin-like texture that mimics the smoothness and flexibility of real human skin. As a beginner, this realistic material will help you develop the delicate touch required for precise lash extension application.

But it's not just about the material; it's about the whole experience. This eyelash mannequin head is designed to mimic the position of eyes and lashes so a lash artist can practice with a clear understanding of where to place your hands and wrists comfortably. You'll learn the exact positioning that minimizes fatigue and allows your hands to flow naturally during isolation and grafting.

Ergonomic Design

Now, let's delve into the intriguing "Ergonomics Design" concept that sets the LBLS Lash Mannequin Head apart and takes your lash extension training to a whole new level.

Flathead Design for Beginner-Level Mastery

Our lash practice head features a flathead design that's a game-changer for beginners.

Imagine a practice surface specifically crafted to facilitate lash extension applications for learners. This flathead design ensures stability and prevents unnecessary shaking during practice. For beginners, this is a godsend. It's like having a supportive mentor who guides your hands into the most comfortable and fatigue-free position.

Three-Dimensional Features for Better Exercise and Training

But it's not just about the flathead design; it's about the three-dimensional features of the mannequin head that offer you a superior exercise and training environment.

Picture this: You're working on a mannequin head that has not only a lifelike surface but also a three-dimensional facial structure. These features closely mimic real human facial contours, creating a training experience that's second to none.

As a lash artist, your goal is to achieve mastery in lash extensions, and that requires honing your skills in various scenarios. The three-dimensional features of the mannequin head provide you with better exercise and training opportunities. You'll learn to adapt your technique to different facial structures, just like you would with real clients.

Complete Package for Seamless Lash Extension Procedures

Now, let's talk about what's included in the package. It's not just a mannequin head; it's a comprehensive training kit that facilitates every aspect of lash extension procedures.

The LBLS eyelash extension mannequin package includes the following:

Replaceable Eyelids and Practice Eyelashes

One of the standout features of the LBLS eyelash extension practice head is its replaceable eyelids – a game-changing innovation that offers lash artists unparalleled versatility in their training. Let's explore how this feature elevates your lash extension practice.

The mannequin head features removable eyelids with lifelike practice strip lashes. It's as close to working on a real person as it gets. These removable eyelids offer versatility and can be used for multiple practice sessions. Plus, the extensions you apply can be effortlessly removed with an adhesive remover. From that, it ensures seamless practice.

When it comes to lash extension applications, every detail matters. This eyelash practice head allows you to place eye patches with precision. It mimics real-life conditions. You'll learn the ideal distance between the eye and the face for precise observation while maintaining a comfortable hand position.

Lash Tile 

The LBLS lash mannequin head package includes a convenient lash tile. This specially designed tile serves as the perfect platform to hold lash strips or lash trays securely. Its smooth and flat surface offers lash artists precise control over the placement of individual lash extensions. 

Whether you're isolating lashes, dipping them in adhesive, or selecting the right extension for the job, this lash tile provides the stability and space you need to work with finesse. It's an indispensable tool that ensures every lash extension is applied with accuracy.

Lash Glue Ring 

The LBLS lash mannequin head package also includes a lash glue ring. This is one of the best seller items of LBLS because of its effective and affordable feature. This ingenious accessory is worn comfortably on your finger.

You can have quick and easy access to lash adhesive during your lash extension procedures. No more fumbling with adhesive bottles or palettes – with the lash glue ring, you have your adhesive right at your fingertips. It streamlines the lash extension process. It helps you work efficiently and ensures that lash extensions are securely attached.

Practice Multiple Styles with Ease

Lash artists can practice multiple lash extension styles without needing a separate mannequin head for each one. With the LBLS lash training head, this becomes a reality. The replaceable eyelids allow you to switch between different eyelid designs effortlessly.

Whether you're honing your skills in classic lash extensions, experimenting with volume lashes, or mastering hybrid lash techniques, the mannequin head's replaceable eyelids cater to your every need. You no longer have to invest in multiple mannequin heads. 

Seamless Transition Between Styles

Switching eyelids on the LBLS Lash Mannequin Head is a breeze. You can seamlessly transition between lash extension styles, allowing uninterrupted practice sessions. This feature mimics the real-world scenario where clients may request different lash looks during their appointments.

Whether you're transitioning from natural lashes to dramatic volume or from classic extensions to wispy hybrids, the replaceable eyelids ensure that you're always well-prepared for the diversity of requests you'll encounter in your lash artistry career.

Safe and High-Quality Material 

Creating a safe and comfortable practice environment is paramount when it comes to lash extension training. The eyelash head takes this commitment seriously by employing premium PVC silicone material. It ensures both your safety and the longevity of your training tool. 

Gentle Yet Durable

Lash artists frequently work with adhesive products like lash glue and removers, which can be harsh on surfaces over time. The PVC silicone material used in the LBLS lash practice mannequin is not only gentle on lash extensions but also highly durable. It's engineered to withstand the rigours of lash application. 

Detailedly, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and silicone are generally considered chemically resistant materials and do not react with lash glue or the most common adhesive products used in lash extension practice. This resistance to chemical reactions is one of the reasons why PVC silicone is often chosen for lash mannequin heads.

Besides, lash glues typically contain cyanoacrylate, a fast-drying adhesive compatible with various surfaces. PVC silicone, being chemically stable, does not break down or react with cyanoacrylate-based lash glues. This property ensures that the mannequin head's surface remains intact and free from damage during lash extension practice.

This chemical resistance not only ensures the durability of your practice tool but also mirrors the real-world scenario where lash artists frequently work with these products. You're not just practising; you're confidently preparing for your future career.

As a result, it ensures that your practice companion remains in excellent condition for countless training sessions.

Odorless and Comfortable

The comfort of lash artists during practice sessions is of utmost importance. No one wants to work with a mannequin head emitting unpleasant chemical odours. That's why the LBLS Lash Mannequin Head is designed to be completely odourless. That is what you get from the premium product. You can focus entirely on perfecting your lash extension techniques without distraction or discomfort.

Easy To Carry 

Practicing lash extensions isn't confined to a single location. Lash artists are known for their flexibility and ability to set up shop wherever they go. The LBLS Lash Mannequin Head understands this lifestyle, which is why it's designed with portability in mind.

Compact Size for Convenience

First, let's talk about size. The LBLS Lash Mannequin Head boasts dimensions of 12.8 cm x 10.5 cm x 2.5 cm (5.12 inches x 4.09 inches x 1.3 inches). This compact size is a game-changer for lash artists. It takes up minimal space. Hence, it is easy to carry and even store. Whether you're practising at home, in a studio, or even on the go, this mannequin head won't be a burden.

Imagine slipping it into your bag or makeup kit effortlessly. It becomes your trusty sidekick, ready to accompany you wherever your lash extension journey takes you. Its compact size ensures that you can practice your craft wherever you find inspiration without the hassle of lugging around a bulky training tool.

Feather-Light Weight for Comfort

Size isn't the only consideration; weight plays a crucial role, too. The LBLS Lash Mannequin Head weighs in at a mere 208 grams. That's lighter than a standard smartphone! 

The lightweight design ensures effortless transportation of the mannequin head to various practice spots. Whether practising at home, in a studio, or at a friend's place, you won't be burdened by its weight. This versatility allows you to practice in environments that suit your needs and schedule.

Whether you're setting up for a marathon practice session or taking your skills on the road, this mannequin head won't weigh you down. It's designed to enhance your comfort and convenience. From that, you can focus entirely on perfecting your lash extension techniques.

Worthy Investment: Your Partner for the Long Haul

Regarding your lash extension career, the LBLS Lash Mannequin Head is more than just a practice tool; it's a worthy investment that will stand the test of time. 

Cost-Effective Skill Development

As a lash artist, skill development is an ongoing journey. You constantly seek to refine your techniques and expand your repertoire. The replaceable eyelids make this process incredibly cost-effective.

Rather than purchasing a new mannequin head whenever you want to practice a different lash style, you can simply swap out the eyelids on your existing mannequin head. It's an eco-friendly, budget-friendly solution that allows you to explore new techniques and styles without breaking the bank.

Durable PVC for Longevity

One key factor that makes the LBLS Lash Mannequin Head a worthy investment is its durability. Crafted from premium PVC silicone material, this mannequin head is engineered to last. PVC is known for its longevity and resistance to wear and tear. It ensures that your investment delivers value long after your initial purchase.

Consider it as an investment that pays dividends over time. Unlike disposable practice tools, the LBLS Lash Mannequin Head remains in excellent condition, even after countless practice sessions. You won't need to replace it frequently. It saves you both money and the hassle of constantly sourcing new practice equipment.

Versatility for Skill Advancement

As your lash extension journey progresses, you'll find that the LBLS Lash Mannequin Head grows with you. While it's an invaluable training tool for beginners honing their foundational skills, it doesn't stop there. Seasoned lash artists also benefit immensely from this versatile practice companion.

Experienced lash artists can use the mannequin head to perfect new techniques, experiment with innovative lash styles, or fine-tune their precision. It becomes a canvas for creativity and a testing ground for pushing the boundaries of your lash artistry.

Think of it as an enduring investment that evolves with your skill level. From your early days as a beginner to your status as a seasoned pro, the LBLS Lash Mannequin Head remains by your side, adapting to your changing needs and aspirations.

Eco-Friendly Design: Your Practice Tool with a Green Heart

At LBLS, we understand the importance of environmental responsibility, and our commitment to sustainability is reflected in every aspect of the LBLS Lash Mannequin Head.

Minimal Environmental Impact

The journey toward eco-friendliness begins with our material selection. It minimizes environmental impact. Also, PVC is a recyclable material, and its longevity ensures that fewer mannequin heads end up in landfills.

By choosing a lasting product, you're actively reducing the demand for constant replacements and contributing to a greener future. It's a small step with significant environmental benefits.

Reusable Components

Another eco-friendly feature of the LBLS Lash Mannequin Head is its reusable components. The replaceable eyelids, lifelike practice strip lashes, and adhesive holder can be used repeatedly. This minimizes waste and reduces the need for additional materials and resources.

Our Lash Mannequin Head is a practice tool that doesn't contribute to disposable culture. You're not constantly discarding used-up mannequin heads or accessories. Instead, you're practising lash extensions with a product designed for longevity and reusability.

Join the Green Movement

When you practice with the LBLS Lash Mannequin Head, you're not just perfecting your lash extension skills; you're also making an eco-conscious choice. You can have peace of mind because you know that you're using a product that respects our planet and aligns with your values of sustainability.

Easy To Clean

After a productive practice session, cleanup is a breeze. A little makeup remover or even oil is all it takes to quickly remove any stains. You'll spend less time cleaning up and more time perfecting your lash extension skills.

Ideal Gift

Looking for the perfect gift for a daughter, budding cosmetologist, or makeup enthusiast? Look no further. The LBLS Lash Mannequin Head is an ideal gift that encourages practice and skill development. It's the gift that keeps giving, empowering your loved ones to pursue their passion for lash extension, makeup and beauty.

Diverse Use of the Mannequin Head: Beyond Lash Extensions

The versatility of the LBLS Lash Mannequin Head extends far beyond lash extension training. While it excels as a training tool for lash artists, it opens up a world of possibilities for various beauty services. Undoubtedly, it is a smart choice for expanding your skill set and boosting your profits.

Eye Makeup Practice

Eye makeup practice is one of the natural extensions of the mannequin head's utility. As a beauty professional, mastering eye makeup techniques is essential. The realistic facial features of the mannequin head, including its eyes and skin-like texture, provide an ideal canvas for practising eyeshadow application, eyeliner techniques, and even intricate eye designs.

You have a lifelike model to experiment with different eye makeup looks; isn't that convenient? You can refine your skills in creating the perfect smokey eye, perfecting winged eyeliner, or testing vibrant eyeshadow palettes. This additional skill set allows you to offer makeup services confidently, attracting a broader clientele and increasing your revenue.

Facial Painting

The LBLS Lash Mannequin Heads versatility extends further into facial painting. Whether you're interested in body painting, special effects makeup, or face painting for events and parties, this mannequin head can be your creative canvas.

With its three-dimensional facial features and smooth, flexible surface, you can easily practice and perfect your facial painting techniques. Create stunning designs, explore colour combinations, and refine your brushwork on a model that closely mimics real skin. 

Additional Profit Opportunities

By diversifying your skill set to include eye makeup and facial painting, you're well-positioned to offer additional services to your clients. You can become a one-stop beauty destination because you can cater to various beauty needs. Whether it's makeup application for special occasions, face painting at events, or lash extensions for a dramatic look, your range of services can attract a wider audience and boost your income.

The lash extension industry experiences fluctuations, with both high and low seasons. Engaging in diverse services can help stabilize your income and fuel your passion.

Imagine the satisfaction of offering a complete beauty experience, from lash enhancements to eye-catching makeup and artistic facial designs. Each service becomes an opportunity to increase your earnings while providing your clients with a comprehensive and enjoyable beauty journey.


The lash mannequin head is a valuable tool for refining the skills of lash artists. Compared to working on real models, it offers a more cost-effective alternative while delivering nearly identical results due to its lifelike eyelashes. The only minor difference may be occasional eye movement, which is inconsequential.

For novice lash artists, mastering the lash extension procedure, from isolation and separation to grafting, on a mannequin provides valuable foundational knowledge. It not only boosts your confidence but also enhances your skill set. All in all, it prepares you for the real battle.

Order today to take advantage of our exclusive offer from LBLS! We are honoured to be your chosen partner in this journey!

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