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Lash Bed Covers

Lash Bed Covers with Cut Out

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Product Description
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We introduce the best lash bed covers with leg space in Australia. Dig in now to see tips for choosing the best bed covers from seasoned artists.



Item Dimensions: 183cm x 76cm x 76cm

Material: Polyester ‎

Weight: 0.4 kg

Colour: Black, White and Pink

Lash bed covers are lifetime savers for any lash artist. Not only do lash bed covers guarantee hygiene in lash salons, but they also support lash artists in creating a nice and professional look in fashion. 

Without it, lash artists must spend more time arranging lash beds between appointments. Worse yet, you may end up spending a new investment on a new lash bed because the old one starts rusting or degrading.

So, what to look for in these lash bed covers? How do lash technicians know which one is the best fit for them? Read on to get all the tips to choose your best one and how you can save money on lash bed cover Australia.

Lash Bed Covers Overview

Lash Bed Covers

Are Lash Bed Covers Necessary For Lash Artists?

Yes. Lash bed covers are the basic lash accessory in any lash room. It covers all the lash bed weaknesses and gives more space for the lash artist's leg. 

More importantly, having the lash bed covers in the lash salon means you care about sanitizing. In the long term, it is the protective layer for your lash bed. As a result, this is a must-have product for lash technicians. 

5 Reasons Why Lash Artist Needs Lash Bed Covers

Saving More Time And Money

Are you frequently realigning your lash bed linens when you are between appointments? Do your lash bed linens easily slip off or get wrinkled?

These problems are easily fixed with lash bed covers. You don't have to spend more time readjusting the bedding when you have the right lash bed covers

The new generation of lash bed covers can fit any type of lash bed thanks to the amazing stretch feature. It is still wrinkle-free when the lash artist finds nothing to do more when you finish a lash set. You can save a ton of time and have more time to rest. As a result, you can make more money. 

Upgrade Lash Room Appearance 

There is no getting around the fact that some lash beds are not attractive. Ross in the Friends series used to say that he wants a sofa that is tempting to children and girls. 

We believe lash artists also want a lash bed that looks tempting to lash clients. An excellent and quality lash bed is one that even you want to lie down and get a nap. An excellent lash bed is one that can shine on the lash room.

So, the solution is to cover the lash bed. Lash bed covers can instantly upgrade the lash room look. It quickly provides an elegant touch by enclosing the lash bed legs. It may not be obvious to you, but it has an enormous impact.

Hold Lash Bed Topper Firmly In Position

The lash bed topper is convenient, but it is moving. That is why lash artists feel frustrated and look for anything to keep it secure. 

Lash bed covers can do it. As we mentioned, it can stretch yet not lose its elasticity. That is why it can support the lash bed topper in place.

Increases Storage Space Beneath The Lash Bed

The bed's underside now has more storage capacity because of lash bed covers! In fact, when you cover 4 legs of the lash bed, you open up a space that is waiting to be filled in. Consequently, lash bed covers become the best ideas for the small lash room!

If you don't like anything under there, it is fine. It is still a wonderful place to hide your legs. It makes room for your comfortable

Add Colour To Your Lash Room

Pink or white, whatever colour you choose, can liven up your space in a second.

Some lash artists prefer neutral colour themes for their lash salons. Because of the brand tone, all your furniture has the same hue. So, with the stand-out lash bed covers, you turn the lash bed into the room's spotlight, where it catches people's eye. 

When your client steps in, they feel the vibe because they see the outstanding lash bed covers waiting for them. They know exactly where their lash extensions are complete.

How Do I Choose Lash Bed covers?

Lash Bed Covers

Know What You Need

There will be a lot of bed cover ideas for you to consider. However, the first and foremost tip to choosing the best lash bed covers is to identify your requirement.

What type of lash bed do you have? Recline chair? Massage table or portable massage bed? What do you expect in these types of lash bed covers?

You need to list your needs to get the best fit for you later on. 

For example, you have a massage table in which the bed cover is not washable or hard to clean, so you need washable lash bed covers to be more hygienic. 

You want to cover your leg when working so that you can move freely, or at least it doesn't feel awkward when someone enters your lash room and sees your not-best leg posture. Let's think about your demand a bit, and you can see what type of lash bed covers you want.

Still, here are some basic features that every lash bed cover Australia or in the world should have:

- Flexible size: When you buy lash bed covers which can stretch or at flexible size, you don't have to worry about buying a ton of lash bed covers for your lash salon, but none of them fit with your lash bed.

- Washable/Disposal: There are both washable and disposable lash bed covers in the market. Several brands offer machine washing in washable options, while others require hand washing.

- Durable: Lash bed covers must endure the stretch to cover the entire lash bed and keep the bed secure. Whether you buy one-time or long-term covers, you also need durable material. 

Polyester is the most durable one when it comes to lash bed covers. So, check the material on the product label to guarantee that you have the right one on hand.

- Colour Variety: Lash bed covers will cover the essential furniture of your lash room. Its colour takes part in a big effect on the total room's appearance. Hence, the brand of bed covers for eyelash extension beds needs to have a selective choice for you to pick up.

Plan Your Lash Bed Covers Budget

The next step, prepare your budget. 

Lash bed covers range from $25 to $75 apiece. The product characteristics or quality will not be the same depending on the brand.

However, one thing in common is that the higher the price, the more features will be available. For example, the LBLS lash bed cover Australia will feature stain resistance and can be machine washed without losing elasticity. 

Meanwhile, other non-branded products can hardly have this feature. They can easily scratch or lose elasticity after a few times of washing. 

Therefore, you need to know what you need and set aside a reasonable budget for lash bed covers.

Pay Attention To The Easy To Set Up + Clean Feature.

Put functionality aside. The best lash bed covers should be the ones lash artists can set up in a minute. 

An eyelash artist's job is challenging work. You must sit down and keep your posture in place for a long time. It normally takes up 1 to 3 hours per each lash extension set.

Thus, if the lash bed covers cost you too much energy to set up, you are quick to wear down. The requirement of the lash bed covers must be simple and easy to follow regarding cleaning and preparation.

LBLS Lash Bed Covers - The Best Lash Bed Cover Australia

LBLS Lash Bed Covers - The Best Lash Bed Cover Australia

If you are searching for the best lash bed covers (which have leg space) in Australia, you have come to the right place. Let LBLS lash bed covers persuade you why we belong together.

Our Lash Bed Covers Are A Planet Saving Product

When you are in the lash extension industry, it is easy for you to see that our lash bed covers model is among the most popular choices for lash artists. 

Unlike disposable lash bed covers, it is washable and reusable. Therefore, lash techs can limit the amount of garbage released into the environment! It is a small act. However, we hope we can make a big impact when we act together.

Here at LBLS, we always try to use and produce the most environment friendly lash extensions, lash accessories and lash tools. We pursue environmental sustainability and we hope we have you on board.

LBLS Lash Bed Covers Have The Power Of Polyester

Our lash bed cover Australia is made of polyester and spandex. It owns undesirable features that lash artists can not say no to.


Polyester fibres are so robust they do not easily rip or pill as cotton as well as other natural fabrics do. 

Because of their durability, polyester lash bed covers don't need special maintenance and can readily withstand machine-washing abrasion.

Moisture Resistant

When lash artists must employ a variety of substances, polyester fibres repel liquid droplets, which means the material will drain moisture away rather than absorb it. This property makes polyester a prefered material for lash bed covers.

Additionally, polyester's capacity to withstand moisture aids in its continued stain resistance.

Keeps Its Form - Wrinkles Resistant

The lash bed covers material is wrinkle-free. It will better preserve its drape, shape and stiffness than cotton and linen textiles, which can retain creases and need to be ironed.

Picture it. Between clients, you won't have to pick one of the new lash bed covers out, spread them over the lash bed and spend extra time making the bed cover wrinkle-free. Isn't it worry free?

One Size-Fit All

Lash Bed Covers

You won't need to worry about whether this product will fit your eyelash extension bed when you buy LBLS lash bed covers. With size 183cm*76cm, this is the most popular Australia lash bed cover, which can meet the needs of almost all lash bed types.

Contact LBLS immediately if you wonder if our product will fit your lash bed so we can dispel your concerns with a definite statement.

In short, LBLS lash bed covers can wrap your lash bed, making it a powerful protective layer for your lash bed yet comfortable and convenient for lash clients and lash artists, enhancing lash room luxury.

Smart Cut out - Create The Space For Lash Artist Leg

lash bed covers

To complete a set of eyelash extensions, artists must maintain a sitting position during 1-2 hours of work. This means you need space for your body (at least the lower body) to move around regularly to stimulate blood circulation. Or at least let your body relax comfortably.

If the lash bed is open at the bottom, you may not feel comfortable moving your legs, and it won't even look aesthetically if someone else is in the room or passing through your eyelash extensions room!

These are just some of the typical reasons lash bed covers are the first choice of eyelash extension artists. It creates the space for the lash artist's leg to move and be relaxable.

Expand Storage Space For Lash Tools

Thanks to lash bed covers, eyelash extensions artists have an extra private space to use at will.

You can arrange some shelves under the lash bed for extra storage. This area is especially useful for eyelash extension rooms that have a small area. Lash artists can hide their stuff properly. You do not take up more space to store things, but the room is more spacious.

Lash Bed Protector

lash bed covers

The spandex and polyester's elasticity helps keep the lash bed in place. It even keeps your lash bed new. 

In the end, the lash bed is an important piece of furniture. It may be the most expensive lash product lash artists have ever invested in. Therefore, having durable lash bed covers is a way to protect your precious assets.

This item is an excellent addition to a lash artist's lash bed.

No Need For Rubber Band

There are a lot of lash bed cover ideas with amazing lash bed covers with a rubber band. However, with LBLS lash bed cover Australia, you don't need a rubber band to make it fit your lash bed.

Our spandex and polyester can stretch, so they can easily reach your lash bed leg. It covers all parts of your lash bed in a wink without compromising the look.

You don't need an extra thing to keep it still, but you still have a smooth surface as other lash beds with rubber bands.


Furthermore, whenever you have a blank table and are in demand of the table cloth or covers, don't hesitate to upgrade the table look with LBLS lash bed cover Australia. 

It can fit almost any table and be your lifesaver at any unplanned or even planned party.

Easy To Clean

lash bed covers

LBLS lash bed covers do not require hand-wash. After it finishes its KPI of the day, the lash artist can just put it in the washing machine, and you are good to go.

After a long day sitting in the same posture, we believe the worry-free cleansing is all you need. That is why the lash bed cover Australia comes in handy.

Best Gift For Lash/Esthetician/Make-Up/Hair Artists And Home Lovers

Desperate to look for an ideal gift for artists? LBLS lash bed covers are the perfect pick-up for you.

It can turn on a luxury vibe in any seconds. Any lash artist will love to have the versatile lash bed cover Australia in their salon or home. Especially if your receivers are home lovers and love to decorate the house, they can not feel enough appreciation for your practical gift.

How To Store LBLS Lash Bed Covers

The maintenance of lash bed covers is also extremely simple.

Any lash bed covers should be stored carefully folded on the shelf in a drawer or closet. This allows for as much ventilation as possible so that your lash bed covers can breathe, preventing the growth of mildew, mould and musty odours. You should always store any lash bed covers in this way.

Still, if your lash room does not have enough space, you are forced to store our lash bed covers wherever they fit.

Generally speaking, avoid storing your lash bed covers in garages, attics, or sheds. You would like to stay away from bugs, mice, and wetness, and these areas frequently have all three.


That is all about lash bed covers. You work up a sweat to have a beautiful lash set, but if you do not invest the right in bed cover ideas and selections, you may end up losing your loyal clients just because of the unprofessional bed cover.

LBLS hopes that with the sharing of the lash extension bed cover, you can get some value from it. We have been selling lash bed covers for almost 10 years, and it has always been our best-selling and signature item. That is the reason we would like to promote the products to more lash techs so that every one of you can have the best product. 

Give LBLS lash bed covers a chance, and we will satisfy you!

Thank you!


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