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Japan NICHIBAN Lash Tape

Japan NICHIBAN Lash Tape

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Product Description
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LBLS Japan Nichiban tape shapes a new way of securing upper and bottom lashes!


Item dimensions: 2 inch/4.5cm (diameter)

Length: 275.6in (7m)

Use: for eyelash extension application. 

Tape Material: Polyolefin Films

Features: Breathable design, no pain while tearing off, minimal irritation, soft and pleasant, simple to fit, difficult to degum, and environmentally friendly

Safe Material

LBLS Japan nichiban tape made from polyolefin. It is safe for the skin and widely applied in the beauty section. It is also accommodating to those with delicate skin.

Design With Airflow

LBLS Japan nichiban tape is constructed of microspore, a flexible & extremely thin PE polymer. It features a microporous construction that is both breathable and comfy for your clients.

Perfect Stickiness 

Our Japanese eyelash extension tape has a perfect stickiness level. It can secure down the eyelashes and also pull up the upper eyelid easily and safely. You don't have to worry about its stickiness. We assure you that you have got what you are looking for.

Best For Sensitive Eyes

With the newest technology, our Japan nichiban tape is hypoallergenic. It can satisfy even sensitive eyes. 

Painless Removing

For the lash artist, the Japan Nichiban micropore medical soft tape for eyelash extension is easy to tear. You can cut the desired shape or length readily. Peeling off the job is also a piece of cake. You don't cost your energy to pull it down. 

For the lash client, it does not cause any pain or the pull-up feeling, which causes discomfort that they want to shout out. It protects their barrier of natural skin and prevents irritation. You get all the comfortable touch and smooth operation.

No Sticky Residue

The breathable eyelash tape adhesive tape cause no tiredness in cleaning. Nothing messes left. Therefore, lash artists can have a more peaceful time checking and enjoying your lash extensions masterpiece after they complete their job.

Multiple Use

The Japan Nichiban Tape can be applied to protect both lower & upper eyelashes. It can also keep eyelash pads on your client's skin. Whether you feel it is useful, it presents itself.

Even More Perfect When Combines With Tape Cutter

In fact, you can cut the Japan Nichiban Tape by hand. However, we highly recommend you cut it with our lash tape dispenser. It brings more professional and sanitizing aspects when it comes to convenience and salon high standard condition. In the client's eye, professional tools are always appreciated and of high value, because luxury services come with attention to detail.

Travel Friendly

You can bring 8 rolls of Japan Nichiban Tape along without being uncomfortable. It is super compact and is the best accessory to bring along. Mobile lash artists will love how small, compatible, and efficient it is.

Save Time, Energy, Mood, And Money

You will not have a headache with LBLS Japan Nichiban Tape. We put thought into this product. We ensure premium quality so that you can buy it with confidence. Invest in LBLS eyelash isolation tape. You have a quality lash tape of Japanese quality where it is safe, hypoallergenic, easy to operate, painless to remove, has amazing stickiness and works even for sensitive eyes.

On top of that, we offer you an economical price with premium quality! You can get a more attractive price from 2 rolls of Japan Nichiban Tape. The more you buy, the less you pay.

How To Apply LBLS Japan Nichiban Tape

  1. Tear and apply about 3cm Japan nichiban tape to cover the eye end's bottom eyelashes
  2. Tear and apply about 3cm of Japan nichiban tape to cover the eye head's bottom eyelashes.

Make sure you form an X, so all the bottom lashes are covered and protected!


If your clients have skin anomalies, please refrain from using them.

Please avoid applying tape directly to the wound.

Please peel off gently to protect the skin and follow the direction of body hair.

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