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Promade 6D M Curl Lashes | Single Size

Promade 6D M Curl Lashes | Single Size

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Product Description
Shipping Details

Key points:

  • Material: Premium Korean PBT/ faux mink.
  • Colour: Dense, matte black finish.
  • Gloss: semi-gloss.
  • Length, range: 9mm to 15mm
  • Quantity: 500 fans per tray.
  • Diameter/Thickness, range:  0.07.
  • 100% Vegan. 
  • 100% cruelty-free. 
  • 0% danger of animal hair allergy.

The newest star in the eyelash business is m curl lashes. However, what makes it special, and how should it be styled? Please continue reading to find out more!


M curl lashes are the most trendy lash curl in 2022. 

Most likely, you have observed them being discussed on social networks. Both customers & lash artists have praised them. Throughout the world, eyelash extensions fans have fallen in love with them. Therefore, they will undoubtedly become the most promising lash curl in 2023. 

In the article, LBLS will share everything about m curl lash extensions with lash artists. After 3 mins of reading, you can catch all the ins and outs of m curl lashes and some tips to buy the best m curl lashes Australia and how to apply m curl lashes

Without further ado, let's begin!

What Are M Curl Lashes?

M curl lashes are special lash extensions, often called L Curl's sister eyelash extensions, with a straight base that isn't overly long and a strong curve that doesn't kink at the end. 

Besides, M curl lash has a smooth and gorgeous transition. It has a stunning lifting impression due to its dramatic curve, without being too over-curled.

What Is The Difference Between M Curl Classic Lashes And L Curl Lashes?

The difference is the transition's kink. Although L curl lashes and m curl lashes all have similar straight bases, the straight bottom of the m curl lash is shorter than the L curl.

Who Is The Best Candidate For M Curl Lashes?

In fact, m curl lashes look good on anybody's eyes because they can give the eyes a more lifted appearance. 

These m curl lash extensions look especially wonderful on the client's deep-set eyes. The deep curl will open the eyes and provide the lifting impression many customers desire.

Besides, straight natural lashes customers will get the best benefits from them because they have a more flat base natural lash. Because the base of m curl lash will better adhere to your client's straight base of natural lashes.  

Still, m curl lash is not the best option for customers with downward-pointing lashes as it is more likely to make the eyes more droopy. Lash artists should go with L-curl lashes for a better fit for these lash clients. 

What Are The Benefits Of M Curl Lashes?

M curl classic lashes are incredibly simple to apply and maintain. M curl lashes can be combined with different lashes to create various styles. Or you can apply the full set with the m curl lash if that is your client's desire and you feel it can be the best for them.

M curl lash extensions, as we previously discussed, look fantastic on just about everyone. However, you really like to ensure these m curl classic lashes are being applied in the same direction because if you don't, there will be lash-crossing. That will only lead to chaos! 

We promise that once you start applying these m curl lashes to your lash customers, you will get addicted. It's clear to understand how this fad started, given how easy they may be to utilize and how wonderful they appear to everyone.

Tips To Working With M Curl Lashes

Direction Is Crucial

There is no room for error. Just like any curl, the direction is important. Any extensions that do not match the other direction will be noticed. Use the flower eye gel pad which is known as the best isolation under eyepatch to isolate the lashes for you, so you can focus on the direction.

The M Curl Lash Extensions Work On The Side, Bottom, And Top

Lash artists can place m curl lash on the side, bottom, or top of natural lashes. As long as you're keeping your direction in mind, putting the extension anywhere on the natural lash will not ruin the aesthetic of your set. 

Get The Client To Book More Fills To Help With Retention

Tell your client they should come in more frequently for lash fills because m curl lash does not mimic the curl of a natural lash. It's a great idea to throw some shorter lengths in each section because as the lashes begin to shed, shorter lengths will be scattered throughout the lash line, making the growth look much more natural. 

LBLS is one of the few m lash curl manufacturers and distributors that offers eyelash extensions artists the widest range of m curl eyelash sizes on the market. 9mm to 15mm are the most popular, sought after lengths you can find on us.

You Can Mix Up Curl

As we have mentioned before, you can mix it with M curls. Promade C curl lash is not a bad choice. You just want to ensure you have a blend section in your set where you go back and forth between curls and transition into your M curl

How Were LBLS M Curl Eyelashes Created? 

Artists must pay close attention to every step to produce m curl lashes that are lasting and durable. Highly trained professionals handcrafted LBLS m curl lashes.

Traditionally, a rolling metal rod tool will be used to create the conventional curves, for example, C, CC. Different sizes must utilize other rods. 

However, to make m curl lashes, we can not use the rolling rod as the base of m curl lash is straight. Therefore, a flat metal rod is used. Because of the special structure of the metal rod, we have a unique m curl lash

After that, the other steps will be applied the same, such as heat bonding to make the lash fan base and all the packaging product steps.

Although it might seem simple, not everybody can complete this process. It takes a skilled artisan with the right expertise and abilities to build this sophisticated curl precisely. 

Even though the lash extension material is excellent, if it is not used by skilled craftsmen, you don't have the m curl lash. If one step goes wrong, you may end up having an L curl. That is why not so many lash manufacturers produce this type of curl because the curl requires double effort to make, and the people making it must be highly skilled in lash extension curl making. 

Luckily, with more than 10 years of experience in the lash extension industry, LBLS has enough workers who have experience in lash fan making. We can produce the m curl lash extensions with the precise curl you are looking for. Here is why you should choose LBLS m curl lashes!

LBLS M Curl Lashes Features

Korean PBT

All LBLS curl lash extensions are made from Korean PBT - the leading ingredient for eyelash extensions. 

The difference between Korean PBT and other materials is in the safety of this material for the eyes. They do not cause allergies, itching, red eyes, or any allergic reaction for your customers! 

Besides, LBLS fans' curl lashes are extremely durable because Korean PBT does not react to water, weather elements, etc. Therefore, the LBLS m curl lash will not lose its shape. This is one of the outstanding features that other ingredients can hardly have!

Durable Curl

For other m curl lashes, the curvature of the lash extension can be easily stretched after a few days of wearing by your client. 

The curvature of the m curl lash remains the same until the natural lashes fall out. Even under normal conditions of good storage, m curl lash extensions can keep their curvature up to 1 year. This is the outstanding feature of m curl classic lashes.

Small, Straight Lash Base

M curl classic lashes own a flat base. All the lash strands are connected in the roots firmly. You will apply it easier than other lash curls.

Outstanding Glue Absorption

With the ability to absorb glue quickly, m curl lashes help eyelash extensions artists work faster. You will not need to spend time reattaching your lash extension because each lash fan you attach will not loosen but immediately adhere to the natural lashes.

Premium Quality At An Affordable Price

Despite possessing the highest quality on the market, the price of LBLS m curl lashes is extremely economical. Any lash artists can purchase it.

That's because LBLS is the producer! We have a factory that produces a large number of products. Plus, we distribute our products directly! Therefore, you can buy our products at the most competitive prices in the market!

Why Should You Choose LBLS As Your Supplier Of M Curl Lashes Australia?

10 Years Of Experience Making Lash Extensions Fan

We have produced eyelash extensions for more than 10 years. We are concentrating on this one thing. 

Additionally, we constantly enhance and expand our product lines to provide lash extension technicians with the greatest options. Whether you are a novice or an experienced eyelash extension professional, our goods will provide you with the best features possible.

Superior Product Feature

All of LBLS's items are of a high calibre. We pay attention to every detail that supports you to do the best work, from the main product, like lash extensions, to the cleansing effect, to the mask protection, etc. Everything you need, we are there to supply.

Quick Delivery

We team up with the most rapid delivery firm in the industry. There's a strong possibility that you'll get your item from LBLS sooner than if you buy it locally. 

So, wherever you are, message us your m curl lashes requirement. We'll do our best to meet your needs as soon as possible.

Credible Payment Method

For clients who haven't had the chance to buy directly from our tangible store, LBLS incorporates all of the most popular online payment options. 

We have Zip pay, Pay pal, After Pay, etc. All worlds worth trying online payment methods are integrated into our system, waiting for you to make a secure payment!

How To Store M Curl Lashes 

You should preserve it in its box or lash storage plastic box to avoid dust and bacteria if you have any leftover lashes. 

Don't forget to put it away from heat, humidity, fire or electric source. Children are not safe to play with it either.


M curl lashes are one-of-a-kind lash extensions that are easy to apply and look really fine on anyone. They are having a moment, but surely it will imprint in the lash extension industry for at least the next few years. 

It will soon become the essential curl in the artist's lash cart. Now that you have more detailed knowledge about the m curl lash, you can introduce them to your clients and enrich your lash menu.

Never stop diversifying your lash menu. That is the idea LBLS has always shared with our clients over the last 10 years because it makes your clients always amazed by your modernist and trendy. Is that always the reason that will keep your business alive?

Do you need any support on lash extensions? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us. We got you covered.

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