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Wispy Lash Mapping Styles - Everything You Need To Know

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Mastering wispy lash mapping styles will give you an advantage in the lash extension industry because you can create various appearances while using the best eyelash extension design for each eye shape. Yes, it is not an easy job, and it is not one-hour skill mastering. However, with the knowledge from the article, LBLS ensures you have what it takes to make a big turn in your career.

We will show you how and when to conduct lash mapping precisely.

Without further ado, let's get started.

Wispy Lash Mapping Styles 

But first, you need to understand the definition of lash mapping and the basics of the technique.

What Is Lash Mapping?

In order to produce gorgeous lash extensions set with the type and dramatic level your customer likes while also being suitable for their natural eyelashes and eye shape, you may utilize a process called "lash mapping" to arrange which thicknesses, lengths and curls you will use when and where.

What Is Wispy Lash Mapping?

Wispy lash mapping is a method for determining which lash lengths to use and where to add volume and spike lashes.

What Are Wispy Lash Mapping Styles?

Wispy lash mapping styles are lash extension styles that utilize spikes and volume lashes to make stunning lash sets.

What Do You Need For Wispy Lash Mapping?

You will need the following items for lash mapping:

Eyeliner Or Pencil. 

This tool is used to map first on the skin.

Eye Gel Pads. 

The pads are to be put on the bottom lashes. You lay them over the bottom lashes.

A Pen

A red pen is considered a fantastic colour since it will be contrasted with the natural eyelashes when you draw on the eye gel pad. 

The black pen is fine. However, your lines will be more difficult to see. So, as long as it works for you, choose the one that suits your best preference. 

If you pick up the black pen (or any colour akin to eyelash colour), it is best if you move your markers farther from the eyelashes. You can observe better when you finish your map.

Eyelash Extensions. 

Different curls and lengths are required.

What To Look For Before Beginning Lash Mapping

Without a doubt, the client has requested a lash artist for a certain thing. However, you must first evaluate a variety of features of your client's eyes and face to ascertain whether what the clients have requested will fit them, & if not, discover what will!

Request your customer to remain quiet while you carefully consider and evaluate the following:

The Shape Of The Eyes

Monolid, almond, and round eye shapes are the most common. Additionally, look for protruding, hooded eyes as well as symmetrical, small, or big eyes.

The Angle Of The Eyes

Slightly downturned, straight, or slightly upturned eyes are all possible.

The Space Between The Eyes

One eye's breadth separates each pair of evenly spaced eyes.

In the factor, we have two new definitions. They are close-set eyes and wide-set eyes. To establish whether the client's eyes are close or wide, evaluate the space between the eyes.

They are narrow set eyes if the distance is less than the breadth of one eye. Otherwise, if the space is broader than one eye breath, the client has wide-set eyes.

Natural Lash Health

Sometimes, it is up to the lash strength at birth and the present natural lash condition to decide whether the client should or should not get the wispy lash mapping styles they expect. If these natural lashes are too weak, clients can not handle too lengthy lash extensions, 12mm weight, for instance. 

The Curl Of The Natural Lash

Everybody's natural eyelashes develop in a different direction. While some people's lashes are naturally curling, others have fairly straight or point downward lashes. Their eyes will look better when their lashes are curled properly, preventing their eyes from being obscured by eyelash extensions or seeming odd.

The Shape Of The Brow

It's crucial to consider how the eyebrows shape and how it affects and frames the eyes. Then, you can choose an extension shape that will work with them.

The Shape Of The Face

Wide faces generally lend themselves to more dramatic appearances, but a narrow face could be overshadowed by a wide cat eye or long lashes.

Be careful to talk to your customer before starting the wispy lash mapping procedure. View what they desire, but be ready to suggest something else if required. They might not look their finest in the desired style, and longer isn't necessarily better.

Have a discussion with your customer about the appearance you will be creating for them when you have analyzed your client as described above. Any changes you need to do to what they requested? Justify them, along with any corrections you make.

How To Create Wispy Lash Mapping Styles 

As a result, you've carefully evaluated the client's eyes, developed a solid knowledge of the layout you would like to produce, and ensured that the client is on the same page. Making a more thorough strategy for how to do this is your next task. Utilize our detailed instructions:

A Map On The Skin

Tell the client to keep their eyes awake, to sit straight, and stare straight ahead rather than following your hands. You won't accurately capture your client's face characteristics if you perform this when they are lying down. 

Place dots over the area where you desire the longest eyelashes to be when your client's eyes are open. Place the dots near the brows or, if the eyelids and lashes were cleaned prior to mapping, near the lash line is recommended. 

You can insert several dots to indicate where the various portions should go. It is all up to the eyelash mapping style you choose. When your client shuts their eyes later on, and you cannot view the pupil or iris, which are the primary markers you require for lash mapping, this is useful guidance.

Put Eye Pads On.

Place the eye gel pads firmly over the client's lower lashes. You should perform the task to open your eyes. Maintain gentle and mild pressure to ensure the eye pads stay in place. After all, the part you are working with is the body's most sensitive organ - the eyes. You need to thoroughly examine the eye pads' distance to the eye's waterline is about 1 to 2 mm. It is for the safety standard. 

Create A Wispy Lash Mapping Style On The Eye Gel Pads

Time for the customer to shut down their eyes at this point.

You must recreate the lines you drew on the eye gel pad's skin with the coloured pen. You could be inclined to notice that the dots' positions don't look quite correct when the client's eyes are closed. For instance, the lash line centre might not appear in the same spot. The crucial thing is how it appears with the eyes open, so keep with the dot positions.


Now, make plans for where to apply for the extensions by drawing similar lines on the eye gel pad. You must split the space into five, six, or even more portions based on your preferred style and how you were instructed. Depending on the lash style you and your client agree on, note the lengths as well as the curls on each region.

Lash Mapping Styles

Fortunately, it's not necessary to reinvent the rules because several lash maps exist in the industry to accomplish various designs. Still, you may need to modify them to fit your customer.

Cat Eye Look Lash Extension - Mapping.

Cat Eyelashes, arguably the most common type available, begin with the shortest eyelash extensions at the eye inner corners and progressively develop longer at the outer eye corners, giving the appearance of sensual wings that spread outward. Occasionally, a kitten eyelash extension is used to describe a less striking variation of this.

Squirrel Lash Map

Also called a Flick. In contrast to Cat Eyes, which require you to put the longest eyelashes at the outer eye corner, in the Squirrel Eyes style, the longest part is at two-thirds of the lash line vertically and the shorter parts at the outer eye corner. Or you can observe the brow and place the longest eyelashes at the brow's arch position. Of course, if the client's brow is shaped perfectly. Ideal for eyes that are round, close-set, downturned, protruding, hooded or almond-shaped.

Dolly Style Eye Lash Map

What Are Doll Eyelashes?

The look is often referred to as a "Dolly Eye". Lash artists place longer eyelashes along the centre of the client's eye and shorter eyelashes at the outer and inner corners, resulting in the appearance of rounder, wide eyes. 

What Is Special About The Doll Eye Style? 

It is when lash artists choose the longer eyelash extension length at the eye centre that it may be somewhat dramatic. In contrast, if the shorter eyelash extension length is used, the overall look can be quite natural. That is why the lash extension mapping style is often referred to as natural or rounded lashes. This design brightens the face and produces an appealing opened-up appearance for eyes with almonds, hoods, and monolid shapes.

Kim K Lash Extension Map

The popularity of this look has skyrocketed recently. For a feminine, beautiful appearance, it has a lash layer base that is 'spiked' with longer eyelashes at periodic intervals. Sometimes referred to as "wispy" eyelashes. The look widens the eyes to make them seem bigger and draws the corners of the client's eyes out to give them a more almond-shaped appearance. Both hooded and Asian eyes look stunning in the Kardashian lash style. However, downturned, big, or extremely asymmetrical eyes don't often go well with the Kim K lash style.


More goes into becoming a great lash artist than just learning to attach lash extensions to the natural eyelashes. You must become an expert at wispy lash mapping styles if you want to have the creativity to craft the ideal pair of curved lashes for each unique customer. That is why if any beauty lash salon can dominate at different lash mapping styles, it will be the last boss in this competitive industry. 

We hope you have what you are looking for in the article. Feel free to visit the LBLS shopping site for more premium lashes and other high-quality lash products, which secretly stand behind the success of thousands of lash artists over the past several years.

Thank you.

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