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Lily Beauty Lash Supplier


For lash artists, choosing the right wholesale lash supplier is half the battle to success. We're not exaggerating! Why? Because the right supplier lets you avoid overspending on supplies just to find quality. They empower you to deliver results that competitors can't. 

Better yet, you build a loyal customer base as they consistently experience the quality you promise. So, where can you find such an awesome and reliable wholesale lash supplier? Look no further: Lily Beauty Lash Supplier. With over 10 years of experience in manufacturing lash supplies, we distribute across Australia and the world. Most importantly, we're honored to be a part of thousands of successful lash businesses globally. Below, we list what sets us apart - features you won't find just anywhere else.

From premium eyelash extensions to reliable adhesives and essential tools, our comprehensive range of products is designed to support your professional journey. Join the many lash technicians who trust Lily Beauty Lash Supplier for their lash needs and see the difference quality can make.

Our Extensive Range of Lash Extension Supplies

At Lily Beauty Lash Supplier, we offer an extensive selection of lash extension supplies to meet the diverse needs of lash artists. Our product range includes:

Lash Room Furniture

Finding dedicated lash room furniture can be a struggle – most options are geared towards massage, nails, or hair. That's why LBLS stepped up in 2024! We're confident in providing everything - all lash extension supplies a lash artist needs, from head to toe.

Our collection includes electric and fixed lash beds, lash chairs, and lash trolleys. Each category offers a variety of products to cater to different lash artist needs. For example, seasoned lash artists with a busy schedule might favour a set of lash furniture. This ensures both aesthetics and consistency, while prioritizing top-quality materials for the comfort and health of both you and your clients during extended sessions.

Just starting out? A fixed lash bed might be a more affordable option for lash-only services. We understand that priorities vary, from design-conscious artists to those who prioritise function.  LBLS has something for everyone!

Eyelash Extensions

Available in various lengths, curls, thicknesses, and even colours to create custom looks for every client. We stock the trendiest wholesale lash supplies in Australia, constantly updating our customers on the latest products hitting the market. Our wide range of lash supplies will satisfy even the most discerning customer.

Want lash extension supplies to make your own lash fans? We've got you covered!

Looking for ready-to-use lash fans? We offer a huge collection of handmade and premade lashes with different quality and price points, catering to various lash client preferences.

Even if you want specific lash styles like spikes or wet-look lashes, we've got you covered. Whether you prefer to create them yourself or use industry-standard, ready-made products - we provide it all.

We don't stop at black lash extensions, either! We offer colour lash extensions as well. Whether your clients want a natural look, office-appropriate style, casual hangout vibes, a fashion-forward statement, or a party-ready look - we have the eyelash extension supplies to help you achieve their desired outcome.

Adhesives and Removers

High-performance adhesives that ensure strong, long-lasting bonds, and gentle removers for safe lash extension removal.

As you may be aware, normal lash adhesive can be a real pain – affected by humidity and temperature, leaving you frustrated when it doesn't work right. That's why, as former lash artists ourselves, we understand your struggles. As a manufacturer, we strive to create lash glue that works for every season. We offer the best recommendations based on weather and lash artist speed.

For example, our expert lash artists always recommend Speedy Adhesive, while Lady Black Glue is perfect for beginners. We go beyond just distributing products. We can advise you on the perfect product based on your location and application speed – an edge other lash supply businesses might not offer. Only a manufacturer truly understands the products they create.

Furthermore, we push boundaries with the latest technology. Our UV lash glue eliminates the impact of temperature and humidity on lash bonds, adding another option to our LBLS lash glue range. We don't just sell tried-and-true products. We research, experiment, and manufacture new products utilising the latest advancements for your benefit.

When it comes to removers, we cater to both you and your clients. Our eyelash extension remover has been a top seller since its launch – it simply works wonders. Need a quick solution? We offer lash remover pads in a portable package, perfect for adding to your aftercare kits and boosting your service revenue. Our formula removes any lash extensions perfectly, with a pleasant fragrance for an enjoyable experience.

Application Tools

LBLS isn't just about lash extensions – we equip your entire lash business!

We offer a diverse selection of application tools, including isolation and application tweezers in various colours to match your lash room design and brand aesthetic. Whenever new technology emerges, we're at the forefront, launching innovative tweezers that are easy to use, wrist-friendly, clean, and precise for isolating and securing lash bonds.

But we go beyond functionality. We understand that sometimes you want a stunning presentation alongside performance, so we've introduced our eye-catching Rabbit lash tweezer collection. After all, who says your tools can't be gorgeous too?

And of course, LBLS caters to your complete lash tool needs. We offer matching stainless steel tweezer trays, cleansers, cases, and even UV light sterilizer boxes – everything you need to care for your tweezer collection, ensuring they last and remain a worthwhile investment.


LBLS takes pride in being a leading lash supplier offering the most diverse selection of lash eyepatches in the market.

We stock a wide range of colours, including pink, gold, silver, white, and black, to complement various skin tones and lash extension styles. Additionally, we cater to sensitive skin with specially formulated eyepatches.

For ultimate flexibility in positioning, consider our flower-shaped eye gel patches. Our Hydro eyepatches, designed for oily skin, provide superior adherence and stay in place during application. They're consistently a top seller at LBLS – we can't keep them in stock as a lash supplier! During sale events, they sometimes fly off the shelves in minutes.

Aftercare Products

As a trusted lash supplier to thousands of artists worldwide, we're constantly inspired by your creativity! This passion drives us to bring even more innovative aftercare products to the market.

Take our convenient aftercare kits, for example. They include lash shampoo, a cleansing brush, and a mascara wand – perfect for you to resell directly to your clients. We offer two options: with or without our LBLS logo, giving you the ultimate flexibility to personalize your brand.

Want to unleash your inner entrepreneur? We've got you covered! Our lash shampoo concentrate allows you to create your own custom aftercare kits, giving you complete control over quantity and branding. This is a fantastic opportunity for those who aspire to become wholesale lash suppliers themselves!

Finally, how about an aftercare product that doubles as a branded gift? Our diamond mascara glitter brushes with rings are perfect stocking stuffers or holiday gifts.  They'll remind your clients of your amazing service and encourage them to return for future appointments. 

Last but not least, Lily Beauty Lash Supplier is dedicated to continuous innovation, constantly launching new products that streamline your lash artistry. We go beyond just lash extensions, offering a comprehensive range of equipment to support your entire lash business.

Looking to the future, we pledge to empower your growth into broader areas of the beauty industry.

We offer exclusive products that set us apart from other lash suppliers. For lash technicians looking to stock up, our wholesale lash supplies provide an economical solution without compromising on quality. The wholesale policy is always there.

Benefits of Choosing Lily Beauty Lash Supplier

There are numerous reasons why lash artists prefer Lily Beauty Lash Supplier for their lash supplies:

Quality Assurance

Our products undergo rigorous testing to meet the highest safety and performance standards. All lash extensions are crafted from PBT, the premier material known for its quality and ability to create lifelike effects.

Our lash adhesives adhere to industry safety standards and, when used properly, pose no harm to lash artists or their clients.

We take safety seriously. Every product we produce or distribute goes through a rigorous process before launch, ensuring its safety, long-term effectiveness, and high quality—from lash bed motors to the plastic used in mascara tubes. We believe in respecting people, the law, nature, and our industry.

Competitive Pricing

We understand the importance of managing your business expenses. That's why we offer competitive prices, especially for our wholesale lash supplies.

For our loyal customers who appreciate LBLS products, we show our gratitude with an annual "Buy More, Get More" program. This allows you to access the best prices we offer throughout the year.

We're confident that our pricing structure provides exceptional value for the quality you receive. With LBLS, you can have it all – affordability and top-notch products.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our dedicated support team is always available to assist with any queries or concerns you might have.

We're available across all your preferred channels: website, Facebook, Instagram, and email. No matter how you reach out, we're here to assist you!  Your orders will be processed promptly, and we'll always respond to your inquiries as quickly as possible.

Positive Customer Feedback

Many lash technicians have shared their success stories after switching to our products, highlighting the improvements in their work quality and client satisfaction. We encourage you to explore our extensive product reviews! They're readily available online and offer honest feedback from satisfied customers. Let these reviews speak for themselves – you won't be disappointed!

Maximizing Your Business Potential with Our Lash Supplies Wholesale Program

To get more, join our wholesale program.

Our lash supplies wholesale program is designed to help lash artists and technicians maximize their business potential. By purchasing in bulk, you can take advantage of significant discounts, ensuring a higher profit margin for your services.

Our wholesale program also includes exclusive benefits such as priority shipping and early access to new products. Several lash artists have experienced tremendous growth in their businesses after enrolling in our wholesale program, thanks to the cost savings and consistent supply of top-quality lash extension supplies.

Easy Ordering and Fast Shipping

Placing an order with Lily Beauty Lash Supplier is simple and straightforward. Our user-friendly website allows you to browse our extensive catalog and select the products you need with ease. Once you've placed your order, you can count on our fast and reliable shipping services to deliver your lash supplies promptly.

We also offer international shipping, ensuring that lash artists around the world can benefit from our high-quality products. Our efficient delivery system minimizes downtime, allowing you to focus on what you do best – creating beautiful lashes for your clients.

How to Choose the Right Eyelash Extension Supplies for Your Business

Selecting the best lash supplies for your business involves several considerations. First, assess your clients' preferences and needs to ensure you offer a variety of lash styles and adhesives. Different clients will have different sensitivities and aesthetic goals, so having a diverse inventory is crucial.

Next, consider the benefits of buying wholesale lash supplies. Not only does this save money, but it also ensures you have a steady supply of the essentials, preventing any disruptions in your service. Stay informed about the latest trends and innovations in the lash industry to keep your offerings fresh and appealing.

Lastly, don't underestimate the importance of product quality. Investing in high-quality lash supplies will enhance your reputation and lead to better client retention and referrals.


They say being in the lash supplier industry is a blessing. You empower people to embrace their beauty and confidence, no matter what life throws their way. We couldn't agree more. That's why, for years, we've strived to constantly improve at Lily Beauty Lash Supplier.

Our journey began as a small lash salon, evolving into a trusted supplier. We started by serving Australia's lash artists and have since expanded globally. Initially, we offered basic supplies like extensions, glue, and eye patches. Now, Lily Beauty Lash Supplier equips you to open your entire lash business in one place.

We offer everything from furniture like lash beds, chairs, and trolleys to a vast selection of lash extensions for any style – classic, volume, hybrid, and even wet lash looks. From standard glue to UV lash lamp sets and aftercare kits, we have it all. Come to Lily Beauty, and you'll find what you need to succeed. We'd love to chat and help you achieve your lash artistry dreams!

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