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LBLS Straight Lash Tweezer

LBLS Straight Lash Tweezer

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Product Description
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LBLS Straight Tweezer


  • Material: Surgical Grade - Stainless steel 
  • Colour:  



               Rose Gold

               Ombre Pink & White


  • Size4.72 inch /12 cm
  • Weight: 17 grams
  • 100% Hand Tested

LBLS Straight Tweezer offers a sweetly sharp grasping that surely enhances your grafting level!

Perfect Isolation

In general, handling well isolation procedures for lash artists means you are half successful in eyelash extensions application. You either go big or go home if you cannot master the step. 

Rather, good isolation indicates integrity sustained in your full set with the client's lashes. If the work does not complete well, your final artwork can be bulky and unnatural. Hard still, there is an existing tool that can support your work easier: A nice Straight Tweezer.

LBLS Straight Tweezer, also well-known as a Pointed Tweezer, is a special design for isolation. Specializing in its feature, it becomes indispensable in a lash technicant's life. 

Sharp Summit - Easy Holding Lash

Pointed Tweezer is pointed and does not have dull, obtuse, or beveled edges (angle). The product is on point and presents a precision tip. So, you are at no difficulty picking up several hairs off the tray.

Fully Closed

Other tweezers might be closed, but not fully. Or they are just fully closed but are not as long as you wish for. Our tweezers are 100% fully closed. Moreover, it closes wholly for a fair time as your money is spent.

Tips Thoroughly Aligned Arms

There are times you use a tweezer when the tip is too easily ruined. The two halves of the products do not match well. Therefore, you have to devote all your calories to holding and grasping lashes. Unluckily, even if you do so, your twist and arms are exhausted by the time you finish the job. 

With our unique feature in tweezer's angle, you can say goodbye with dead tired arms because of some lashes. You are good to go in continuous grafting effortlessly for a long time. 

Lightweight Metal

Made from stainless steel, this straight tweezer is not too heavy as other tweezers that may lie heavy or weigh down your arms. In contrast, it balances its weight by just exactly 17g. You can hold it with ease. 

Furthermore, distinctive ingredients in the item make it rust-resistant and not easy to bend from dropping. It outdoes others by the characteristic. Additionally, it will not be a reason for your hand fatigue. 

Last but not least, stress-free cleaning and sterilizing in between clients is a point that never makes you down.

Greater Sustainability

Stainless-steel can be recyclable and reusable because of its melted down characteristic. Because the material can bear cleaning and sterilization, hence, tweezers made from stainless-steel can be reused all over again. It can be repurposed for other tools either, which makes them become a sustainable accessory. Therefore, buying the stainless-steel tweezers means that you are contributing to the environment.


To keep your Tweezer sparkling, you can apply:

  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Using stainless-steel specialized clean tools like barbicide
  • Preserve in a LBLS tweezer case, pouch, soft case, or wallet to avoid damage to tips.


Tweezers are extremely fine. The caps need to be kept on them when not in use to avoid the points from bending, losing alignment, and causing dangerous harm.

Please keep it away from children's reach.


It is for lash grip, isolation and individual eyelash grafting.

Still confused about getting a proper tweezer for your needs? Inbox us to get more recommendations!

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