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Diamond Lash Decors

Diamond Lash Decors

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Product Description
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Name: Diamond Decorative Gem, Crystal Eyelashes/Eyelash extension gems/Gems Jewelry Decorations /Little lash gem

Shape: Round Smooth


Colour: 12 50 pieces per colour. Total: 600/box

Diameter:  2mm

Meta: Eyelash decor gets all the attention of lash artists due to its sparkle and exclusive effect. Here are all the tips to have a perfect lash decor set. Click now!


The diamond lash decor is the most familiar eyelash decoration you can see everywhere on social media during the festive season. 

Not only does it create a unique appearance for your clients, but it is also the chance for lash artists to show off their creations in lash extension arts masterpieces. 

However, having the best eyelash decor set is challenging because if lash artists make mistakes, the client's eyelashes will be damaged. 

Even worse, their experience with your masterpiece can be unpleasant. That is why in today's article, LBLS wants to share with you all the ins and outs of eyelash extension gems (or diamonds).

Without further ado, let's get started!

Lash Decor - Tips To Choose The Best One

Safe Material

The first and foremost thing you need to pay close attention to is lash decor material. Because the eyelash decor is used on the eyes area, it must be safe for your clients and you.

Besides, as you can see, some lash decor like a diamond will raise the concern of whether it weighs down the lashes or causes discomfort for lash clients. Therefore, when you look out for the best lash decor, don't forget to double-check this feature.

Even though eyelash decor is often used on short-term periods, such as the holiday rush, parties, photoshoots, night outs, etc., it is always a must to ensure your client's safety.

Legit Lash Suppliers

The problem with unbranded lash decor products or poor-quality eyelash decor is that they are not as good as described by the seller. For example, the packaging of a lash decor product says that the product will not feel heavy or uncomfortable for the customer, but in fact, their weight is too heavy. 

Worse yet, poor-quality eyelash decor products cause allergies or do not stick to eyelash extensions. Since then, eyelash extensions artists have not been able to use them. As a result, eyelash extension artists lose time, money, and effort, get discouraged and even get clients' complaints.

Above are just some typical reasons lash artists should choose the legit lash decor to lash suppliers for you to work with. So, what are trustworthy eyelash decor suppliers? Well, a good lash supplier should at least have all the characteristics below:

- They should have both brick-and-mortar stores and an eCommerce website.

Why: Because it means they are real, and you can count on their product when they are at a fixed address that you can find any time you want.

- They should be in the lash extension industry for at least 1 to 2 years.

Why: Because it means they survive in the market and their products are welcomed by customers.

- They should offer different reliable online payment methods.

Why: Because some payment methods request the seller and buyer's identity. When the term goes wrong, you can claim back to the bank and get your money back. Typically, we can mention famous and credible online payment names: Paypal, Afterpay, Google Wallet, etc.

- They are specialized in lash extensions products and accessories.

Why: A legit lash decor supplier with tailor-made lash products will pay more attention to lash extension items. Consequently, you get more effective and efficient eyelash decor products than suppliers who sell nail, brown and lash extensions, etc. 

Because they have many product lines to take care of, it is more likely that the entrepreneurs exclusively on eyelash extensions will get the upper hand in caring for lash decor and extensions only.

- They have good customer service.

Why: They care about clients and can support you as quickly as possible. If you have problems with the product, would you like to wait around or prefer to have an instant reply?

Therefore, 24/7 customer service will be an edge when choosing eyelash decor suppliers.

- They get a lot of reviews from their customers.

Why: Because that is how we know the lash suppliers have customers. Other customers are using their products. If so, you can feel super at ease when ordering their products.

- They have social media accounts.

We are in the 21st century. Therefore, it is hard to see any lash suppliers that do not have social media accounts to keep in touch and connect with their customers. Even if it is not compulsory, if you haven't known the new lash decor suppliers, social media accounts are the ones you should dig into.

Why: Because you can see how they take care of their customers. The more they update, the more their business will prosper. If their accounts are abandoned for so long, it is a red flag that you should think back about choosing them as your partner in lash suppliers.

Variety Options

If you only buy one type of diamond lash decor, they will be extremely limited with creativity or flexibility when creating or adapting different lash extension styles for customers. Therefore, eyelash extensions artists should choose eyelash decor with a variety of patterns and colours.

When you have more choices, you can satisfy more customer needs.

Moreover, lash decor is a product that, when you invest, you can use for a long time. In fact, they are one of the most economical investment products that can offer huge revenue potential.

So, remember to order a variety of lash decor boxes that will help you unleash your creativity and bring an exclusive and interesting beauty to each lash client that comes to you.

Why Should You Choose LBLS As Lash Decor Supplier?

Because LBLS has more than 10 years of experience in lash extension products. We have a lash artist background. We understand what you need and what is best for you. Below are the talking points that will persuade you:

- We are headquartered in Australia. Besides, we have an eCommerce website channel, so you can buy LBLS products anywhere in the world if you can't visit our store to experience our actual products.

- We have a factory that produces LBLS's exclusive products, such as eyelash extensions, eyelash extensions glue, lash cleansers, lash accessories and even lash decor. We specialize in lash extension products. Besides, we are also the exclusive distributor of many big brands in the world in the eyelash extension industry.

We always try to bring the most harmonious variety in the product catalogue so that you can have the best choice and save the most time shopping at Lily Beauty Lash Suppliers. In a detailed manner, you do not have to go anywhere else when you have a full collection of any lash set here at LBLS. 

- We provide our customers with the most modern and secure payment methods: Paypal, Afterpay, Google Wallet, etc.

As long as it's a method, you feel safe and in demand, we are always ready to update to ensure eyelash extension artists are most assured and satisfied when ordering from LBLS.

- LBLS has a 24/7 customer service system. 

From Instagram to Facebook to the website www., we always try to give a quick answer and a reasonable solution to your problem as soon as we receive your message!

- We put our products' quality and our customers' safety first. All LBLS products, including lash decor, are the most premium and safest on the market.

Over 10 years in the eyelash extension industry, LBLS has been fortunate to serve tens of thousands of eyelash extension artists around the world, and we are confident that you will have a reliable product quality experience.

- LBLS always updates the latest industry information on our website and social network channels. You can see feedback from customers who have trusted LBLS products anywhere.

LBLS even has exclusive videos our customers share as they receive their products. Therefore, if you are a new customer, you can fully experience them before deciding to let LBLS have the luck to accompany you in your eyelash extension career.

LBLS Lash Decor Feature

Safe Material

LBLS makes the diamond lash gem with acrylic. In general, it is pretty safe for the eyes. It does not cause an allergic reaction.

Amazing Glue Absorption

For the best adhesion, don't forget to use LBLS clear glue when you stick these lash decor to the lashes. It will hold stronger. 

Easy To Apply

The flat surface of lash extension gems will give you an upper hand of control by holding it still and sticking it wherever you want. You can choose 2 ways to add lash gems to the eyelash extension set:

- Add it to lash fans, spikes etc., before you apply it to the natural lash

- After you finish the lash set, you add it to the lash set.

Whatever solutions you are about to use, don't forget to ensure clients are safe. And remember to use premium quality clear glue to get a more smooth, seamless application and safety.

Unique Factors Contributes To Ball Season or Summer Time

If you are looking for something new and unique for your lash set that can bring more customers to your lash salon, eyelash decor is a must-have. 

You can make the best out of it by getting attention from the amazing pics from the diamond decor lash set to promote your service. 

Eyelash extensions do not stop at black or colour extensions. It is about revitalizing the soul simply through the lashes. Therefore, never stop your imagination and creation. It will open more doors for you to approach more prospects.

Variety Of Choice

A lash gem is not only an application on an eyelash. You can use it to beautify the area around the eyes. The super-light eyelash gems can also be strung together over the eyelid line or at the eyelid's base as an emphasis.

On top of that, nail artists can utilize the lash extension crystal to the nail too. If you own a beauty salon that offers many services, this lash decor never goes to waste. It is a small but mighty product you can use on many occasions.

Big Quantity

With the help of these stunning eyelash extension crystals, begin to design your distinctive lash patterns. Each box is readily transportable and contains 600 dazzling eyelash extension diamonds in 12 hues (about 50 pieces in each colour).

Gentle To The Eyelash

Many people, not only lash clients but also lash artists worry about the weight of lash decor and the fear that it will directly affect the eyelid moment. However, LBLS diamond lash decor is super gentle on your client's eyelashes. You don't have to worry at all. Your clients don't even feel as if they are wearing it. 

Best Material To Honor Your Lash Masterpiece

Don't stay in one colour. You can mix and combine them to make your lash set shine. We offer lash artists a collection of 12 different colours (Red, pink, sienna, light blue, blue, gold, purple, aqua, emerald, champagne, silver & diamond) in which you can utilize any lash set effect that you dream of. You even can tweak different eye colours to get the best match.

Compact Box

We separate each colour in a small compartment so that you have nothing to worry about that it will be mixed together. The clear and light box facilitates your observation by which you can work faster. Even better, you can bring the box anywhere you go as it is travel friendly.

A Change To Expand Your Lash Business

The diamond lash decor is an indispensable product to contribute to your business expansion as you can serve the clients who usually go to events and photoshoots. Those people have a high standard in maintaining their fresh and present social life. Therefore, they are in big demand of having to care for their lashes.

If you follow it right, the small lash gems can be a game-changer in your lash artist's career.

How To Apply Lash Decor

Step 1

Place these diamonds on the eyelash after applying for the extensions, keeping them away from the client's skin to prevent any irritation.

Step 2

These diamonds may be positioned in various locations to produce various visual effects. For instance, choose to apply the diamonds on the outer corner eyelashes to create a sparkling impact when your customer blinks if you're going for a dazzling touch.

For a show-stopping liner effect, apply the diamonds in a line along the lashes base if your client is seeking a bold, eye-catching sparkle.

You can install 4 little diamond lash décor properly spaced all along the lash spine to provide a 'twinkle look' when blinking.

Lash artists can also add 5 diamonds in the midst of the concentrated cluster of eyelashes (on the top layer), but the one in the centre with a slightly different colour. They will shimmer when your clients blink.

For cat eyelash extension, you can consider 4 lash gems which are concentrated at the eyelash's edge. Some combination of colours from bold to faded will be super interesting.

For a normal volume lash set, you can also place some diamond lash decor at the lash outer corner. It will bring out the sparkle effect when your clients blink. If you do it right, people may not notice that there are some lash crystals over there.

Diamonds are women's best friends. With lash artists' unlimited creative ideas, LBLS believes that you can create a whole new galaxy in the eyes that will change your career to new big milestones. 

If you still feel hesitation to glue diamond eyelash decor on eyelashes, we highly recommend you use Spike With Diamond Decor. All the diamonds are glued to the spikes. You don't have to add diamonds, just place the extensions to natural eyelashes as you normally do, and you still get the stunning diamond decor lash extension.

Still, LBLS always encourages lash artists to try both methods because we know you have the creativity inside you. We just provide the right product for you to get it out.

Tip In Using Lash Decor

Is your customer searching for some sparkle for a free night out? No issue! Use LBLS clear glue and the lash cream remover. They will keep those diamonds in place while making removal much simpler.

The diamond lash decor will make the eye brighter. You do it softly on a 45-degree angle when your client's eyes open. It's just a pop of jewellery right in the eyelashes. 

If it gets a good adhesive back, it'll last for several hours. Be careful in your eyes area. You don't want anything to fall. You don't want to see the gems falling into the eyes.

How To Preserve Lash Decor

Diamond lash decor must be stored in a cool, ventilated, and dry place.

Besides, you also need to store diamond lash decor in places not near sources of heat, electricity and moisture. Because they are extremely beautiful and eye-catching, they will easily attract the eyes of anyone, especially children. Therefore, you should keep them out of the reach of children.

Finally, keep them in their box, the box that LBLS ships with when you buy diamond eyelash decor from us. They will help to divide the colours of the eyelash gems into zones so that the eyelash artist can control them in the best way.


The lash decor is indispensable in the lash extension menu during the holiday season. 

There will be more parties, night outs, raves, etc., on the long list of enjoying life days. Therefore, possessing a good source of eyelash decor will be a big advantage to any lash artist. 

Don't just stay in the box and serve the safe lash set. With a little bit more tweaking, you can have more opportunities to expand your client base in the next year.

LBLS is proud to be one of the top lash suppliers in Australia that produce and launch the most diversified, safe, yet effective lash decor for lash artists to utilize. Make your service shine and attract more clients with these lash decors.

We would love to provide you with the best service you have ever experienced. Buy our lash decor with confidence.

We are waiting to serve you.

Thank you,


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